Prayer Requests

Members: Ron Altman, Floyd Behm, Dolores/Lowell Bloom, Mabe Foster, Marchelle Hood, Michael Jack, Deb Kuehnbaum, Fred Marshall, Mary McDonald, Francia Mercado, Flo Riese, Roy Rood, Margaret Staudenmayer, Jay Stocker, Lura Stubbs, Sylvia/Rich Thompson, Mike Valabek, John Wagner, Bea Warmoth Home bound Members: Paula Johnson, Lou Rice Family & Friends: Pastor Steve Bergeson, Pastor John Gunn; Marlene, Carson, Teresa, “Scooter” (Yost), Debi, Rosa, Peggy, Eleanor, Frank, Dorie, John (Armstrong), Rachelle, Nancy (Berg), Keith, Christine, Mike, Joni (Fildes), Jack/Barb (Sornsin), Sunny (Henderson), Noah (N. Johnson), Peggy (Bruce/Sears), Steve (Montgomery), Deb (Townsend), Russ, Jan (Carlson), Kirsten, Jerry/Joan, Helen, DiMarco family (Capelli), Gracie, Mike & Sally, Matt, Nicole & Tim (Gallen) Parents Preparing for Birth: October: Matthew and Alicia Castillo; January: Jennifer and Eric Podgorny All Cactus Conference Pastors & Churches & Bill Miller Bishops: Steve Talmage, Elizabeth Eaton Seminary Students: Elizabeth Gallen; Church: American Lutheran, Sun City Our Service men/women: John Buss (Yost), Aaron Kramer+, Adriana Van Wyk, Josh Matzdorf (Capelli), Katie Brunstein+ serving overseas “+”

Family and Friends Prayer Request In order to stay up-to-date with ongoing prayer requests,
names will remain on the list for only one month. If your request remains active, please contact the office each month

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